Everyone has a story. The right partner can help you tell it.

Don't be fooled. I'm the one getting schooled here.

Don't be fooled. I'm the one getting schooled here.



Great communication starts with a clear idea.  I work with you to sharpen your purpose and develop an authentic, compelling narrative -- one that serves as the foundation of your communications strategy.


Whether it’s a 750-word op-ed or a keynote address, I work with you to define your message, clarify your argument, and craft a memorable narrative that advances your goals.


Writing shouldn’t be some mysterious thing that only a subset of inspired people do in coffee shops.  I offer tailored workshops that convey practical tips and strategies to help you and your organization take your writing to the next level.


The best speakers know the secret to success: practice.  I help you solidify your stage presence, hone your delivery, and bring your story to life.